Kind Lips Merchandising Addition

Check out another product line we plan to offer at the shop! Made with 100% certified organic ingredients, introducing Kind Lips Lip Balm. 

Funny story, I saw a display of these awesome lip balms while in a check out line one day and I knew then and there that I had to check this company out. If you have a chance, go check out their entire story, but for now, here’s just a snippet:
(The founder’s mother had a dream)
In the dream Joshua said something mean to his sister, and his Mother made him sit down and repeatedly write “The law of kindness is on my lips.” As he was writing the sentences, the words “Kind” and “Lips” began flying off of the page towards her. She passionately voiced, “If you do this lip balm thing, I think you are supposed to call it Kind Lips, and it will be a reminder for people to speak kind words when they use it.” 

Kind Kups was also founded because of a dream and our passion is also speaking kindness. How cool is that?! As an added bonus Kind Lips also gives 20% towards anti-bullying. Be sure to check them out and plan on your next lip balm purchase being @kindlips 
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