Always Learning

This is a Chemex. It is used for pour over coffee. But guess what- up until about a month or so ago, we had never heard of such a thing! You know what’s scary? Being called to something that you know nothing about. But it’s also pretty exciting. Part of our story is that we feel called to open this shop as a way to minister. It isn’t the usual way a person ministers. It isn’t a church or a shelter or a Christian book store. But it will be a place to gather. A place to belong. A place for community and fellowship where everyone will be welcome. So part of our journey is learning all that we can about coffee and the process. We don’t want to open any ‘ole shop. We want to be able to offer our customers the best! Thanks for joining us in this amazing, dream coming true, journey. #kindkups #kindkupsjourney#moreofourstory #coffeenewbies #godsizedream#chemex @the_chemex